Shelter building & bushcraft - Adventures In Education

What will the children learn?

Children will learn construction skills and the importance of working in teams. We normally build the shelters on the school field but can run the sessions virtually anywhere.
The children will learn to:

  • Tie knots that are very strong but easy to undo
  • Bind together poles so that the knots do not slip
  • Use an appropriate design for their structure
  • Untie the knots so the kit can be re-used
  • Work in teams
Created a shelter from tarpaulins, poles and rope
Lighting a small fire
Build shelters using survival kits or natural materials.

Children really enjoy our shelter building days and learn a range of new skills. The day can be used an educational day that fits in with a topic being covered in class; or as a reward or outdoor activity. We are happy to customise the day to suit the needs of the class so every session is a little different. We can also bring in a range of bushcraft and 'survival' activities for the more adventurous groups.

Buschraft skills

Our bushcraft sessions are an optional part of the shelter building day. Children can learn how to light fires using flint and steel. We normally include time to toast marshmallows over the fire.

How does this fit into the curriculum?

The activity days are designed to fit into the National Curriculum. The day can be integrated in a number of ways but here are a few ideas:

  • Covers elements of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities side of PE
  • Use the pioneering day as the culmination of a DT unit on Shelters
  • Practice DT and problem solving skills
  • Use the activity as an inspiration for literacy units of work
  • Build a shelter either a 'Bivvy' style shelter or a 'Den Building' activity using a variety of materials
  • Bring literacy to life - we have even built a shelter out of a dinghy sail for a class reading the Michael Morpurgo book Kensuke's Kingdom