The benefits - Adventures In Education

These days' children spend a lot more time indoors than they did in years gone by. At home they may spend more time in front of the television or games console than they do playing and exploring the outdoors, but even at school they spend most of the time sat down. According to the Department of Health 30.3% of children aged 2-15 in England were overweight or obese in 2010. Research shows us that lack of exercise leads to a wide range of health problems including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer. It is also linked to mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety.

Experts believe that outdoor, physical activities offer huge benefits to children's physical, social and emotional wellbeing and there is growing evidence that regular outdoor activity reduces the symptoms of ADHD. Inactivity caused 9% of worldwide deaths in 2008 according to the NHS. We will never get every child in our care to develop a love for taking part in sports and healthy exercise but surely it is our duty to encourage them to try new outdoor experiences and foster an interest in outdoor activities. At Adventures In Education we aim to spark that interest and give children the skills needed to take their first steps down the road to a more outdoor lifestyle.

Adventures in Education

Will come to your school to deliver a range of activities that are linked to outdoor activities and camping skills including:

  • Shelter building and buscraft
  • Woodworking skills such as making mallets, hedgehog boxes etc
  • Survival skills and campfire lighting
  • Eco days such as building bird boxes

Adventures in Education will arrive with all the specialist equipment and utilise the space you have in the playground, hall or playing fields. The day will be customised to meet your needs. If we can help you run an activity or bring to life an idea you have we are happy help. If in doubt, just ask, we love to try new things and we do not charge more for customising the day to suit your needs

Physical benefits

Outdoor activities for children encourage them to stay active so the physical benefits are obvious. Regular exercise as a child leads to a more healthy adulthood and lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Some children love sports and physical activities but others do not. Many children are relatively inactive not because they are lazy but simply because they are not given the encouragement or opportunities to experience the outdoor activities that they may enjoy. The more we can do to encourage them to try a range of physical activities, the more likely we are to find an activity that they enjoy. There are a million way to be active that do not involve sport or PE lessons. At Adventures In Education we aim to introduce children to new activities that may spark an interest that leads them to a more outdoors lifestyle.

Social development

Team building activities and group projects are excellent tools for developing social skills and promoting social development. The activities we run at Adventures in Education encourage children to work together and develop social skills. Our team building activities need children to work together to achieve their goals. They play the games without realising that they are developing a team, negotiating, delegating tasks and encouraging each other.

Emotional development

One area of development that is sometimes over looked is emotional development. Children that are not good at sport can become unfit and lose confidence. Taking part in outdoor activities that are not strenuous or require sporting ability can open a door for the less active children. The soccer star of the class may not be the best at putting up a tent or building a bird box, it can just as easily be the child that opts out of sport. By encouraging each child to take part and play to their strengths we find that most children get a sense of achievement. It is often the studious children that achieve the most because they learn the skills to do things properly rather than relying on confidence and physical ability.